DryBerth™ Water Trailer

Suitable for boats up to 6.2 M

You asked, we delivered!

Introducing the latest dry berthing solution for boats up to 6.2 Meters.

MarineScapes DryBerth™ protects and extends the life of your boat and maintains optimal performance. Enjoy your boat without hassles and added maintenance costs.

Key Benefits

  • Affordable boatlifting solution.
  • No pumps or power required.
  • Easy to drive / winch on and off.
  • Perfect solution for both shallow or deep waterways.
  • Easy to self install.
  • Super TOUGH.
  • Very stable.
  • Australian made.


Quick and simple to operate

Effortlessly raise and lower your boat in minutes

Keep your boat out of the water and in pristine condition

Guides your boat in for easy berthing

Will not puncture or tear

Other Features & Benefits

Cost effective, permanent, durable and environmentally friendly
Resistant to UV rays and are unaffected by algae and crustacean growth
Are able to withstand impacts and will not puncture or wearKeep your boat leg, shafts and anodes away from water when not in use
Are constructed of high-density polyethylene and are virtually maintenance free
Secure and stable and can simply be placed alongside your jetty
Simple to use and suits boats with a similar weight rating
-you can upgrade your boat and still use the same DryBerth™
- insurance to maintain the value of your boat investment

DryBerth™ Water Trailers are suitable for most boat types up to 6.2 Meters

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