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MarineScapes - Leaders in Marine Lifting Solutions

Innovative New Marine Technology

MarineScapes is a leader in the design, manufacture and installation of marine lifting solutions. Whether you have mono-hulled or multi-hulled boats or jetskis, MarineScapes can provide resilient, environmentally friendly solutions to extend the life of your marine craft with our easy to operate 'out-of-the-water' maintenance berths - while helping to protect our precious waterways by eliminating the need for expensive, toxic chemical marine anti-fouling agents.

Video - Why do you need a DryBerth™?

Our Products

High, Dry & Safe

Store your boat completely out of the water. Prevent having to pay for expensive structural repairs to water-logged, deteriorating hulls and equipment. Maintain your craft's performance on the water by eliminating the growth of marine organisms on the hull.

Never Anti-Foul Again

Even a light build-up of fouling can knock five knots off your top speed and increase fuel consumption by 30%. Heavier growth may prevent a boat from planing altogether. MarineScapes DryBerths™ enable craft to be eleveted above the water during downtime, preventing the build up of micro and macro organisms. You will never have to undertake expensive, time-consuming and highly polluting annual anti-fouling again!

Raise or Lower Your Craft in Minutes!

Everyone knows that getting your craft into the water from storage or off a trailer is a time consuming hassle. Now you can keep your boat right in the marina and raise or lower it in just minutes, giving you more time on the water. DryBerth™ also makes docking easier than ever by guiding your craft direct to your berth.

Financing and Service Options

By eliminating the hassle, time and cost time of anti-fouling marine craft every year, your MarineScapes investment will pay for itself in just a few years. We also offer a range of easy financing options covering purchase price, installation and servicing. Making the switch to MarineScapes has never been more compelling.

Flexible Payment Options

MarineScapes offers a range of payment options on our product range. Our highly flexible, low-cost funding solutions can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Installation Made Simple

Our highly experienced marine installation teams operate throughout  Australia, New Zealand and now Europe and Asia. We can co-ordinate everything from transportation to your marina or dock berth to on-site installation. Call us today to discuss your installation requirements.

Extended Servicing Options

For a small monthly fee, our highly experienced product specialists will provide annual servicing, on-site repairs and parts replacement if required. This will help prolong the life of your investment so you never have to worry again.

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